Time is Money2What is mediation?
Mediation is a conference between two (2) or more disputing parties and a neutral third party (the mediator), who tries to help the parties reach a mutually beneficial resolution of their dispute.

Why should I go to mediation?
Mediation helps to avoid the uncertainty and expense of going to Court, and it is often times substantially less expensive, both financially and emotionally, than taking a case to Court.

Mediation focuses not only on resolving current disputes, but it also focuses on improving the future relationship between the parties, which is especially important when, for example, parenting and other family issues exist in a legal separation or a divorce.

What types of disputes should be taken to mediation?
Any dispute can be taken to mediation, including divorce and/or custody issues, child support issues, employment disputes, contract disputes, and personal injury actions.

Do I have to already be involved in a lawsuit to go to mediation?
No. Many people go to mediation before a lawsuit is ever filed, however, you can go to mediation at any time during the litigation process.

Do I have to have an attorney to go to mediation?
No, although many parties who go to mediation are represented by attorneys and have attorneys present with them at mediation.

The American Arbitration Association reports that over 85% of all mediations result in a resolution. Success lies in both the mediator’s skill and the willingness of the parties to come to an agreement.

What is Christian mediation?

Christian mediation is biblically based, and it is conducted in a manner that reflects Christian standards, values, and principles.

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